The Advantage of Regular Maintenance for your Rugs

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No matter what type of rugs you have in your home, it is vital to look after and maintain them. Giving your rug the best possible treatment will ensure it has a long and happy life, and continues to keep your feet cosy and your home beautiful for years to come.

Most rugs have a label on the back, which offers guidelines on how to clean and maintain your rug. Don?t ignore this; you should always follow the guidelines set by the manufacturer when cleaning any of your rugs, as they know best how to care for the particular sort of rug in question. There is absolutely no point in throwing a delicate, dry-clean only rug into your washing machine on a hot cycle, unless you are in the mood for destruction.

Spillages happen, and in homes with children, they can happen more often than you would like. Always avoid rubbing any spills and stains on your rugs as not only will this spread the liquid further, it will push the stain deeper into the fibres of your rug. Instead, blot the spillage carefully with absorbent kitchen roll or a dry cloth, and apply a stain cleaning solution to the area. Most stain cleaners recommend a patch test on any material before use, so either use a cleaning product that you already know is safe, or turn the rug over and patch test the solution on the back before applying it all over. There are stain removers designed specifically for rugs which are gentle enough to use on most rugs in your home and can remove even the most frightening looking stains such as red wine and coffee. If you struggle to remove a stain, seek the services of a professional rug cleaner.

It?s important to rotate your rugs on a regular basis. If your rug is in in the hallway or another area where people are regularly walking over it, rotating it is essential to ensure that it wears evenly over time. Most importantly, don?t forget to regularly hoover your rugs. With shaggy rugs, it is always best to shake them thoroughly before hovering, to remove any dirt and debris that may be lodged amongst the fibres. Always use your hoover on the lowest possible setting with shaggy and wool pile rugs to prevent shedding and damage to your rug. Regular maintenance of your rugs will ensure that they have a long and happy life and continue to add warmth and style to your home.