Taking the Edge off a Tacky Room with a Budget Priced Rug

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Going into rented accommodation is sometimes unavoidable and short term rentals are rarely brilliantly decorated. They are designed to be cheap and cheerful and hard wearing, but sometimes this just ends up as plain old tacky. It can be really depressing to have to live in one of these places but of course you don't want to spend money doing it up and indeed in most cases you are not even allowed to enter budget priced rugs, the quick makeover artist's friend!

Have a look through the huge range of Rug Zone's rugs for sale and you will almost be spoiled for choice. If you are trying to improve the look of a tacky room where you may not be living for long you can really go one of two ways. You can buy a rug that is so bright and crazy that everyone who comes in sees the rug first and possibly notices the tacky later. Or you could go for one of our less cheap rugs which you absolutely love and will take with you when you move on. Either way, you won't have to spend a fortune. We have so many cheap rugs for sale, why stop at one? If you are living in a flat or house, you could have matching, toning or even clashing rugs all over and really make the place more homely.

Cheap rugs needn't look cheap these days and possibly the best way to make the room look rather more classy without spending too much is to go for a traditional design. The oriental rugs for sale in the range have designs which have not changed for hundreds of years. Many of them have stories which go with the pattern and this is a great way of giving a space a touch of class. Using some of the muted colours in the ranges also looks good because they don't look to brand new why not make up a story about your heirloom rug to amuse your friends? They would never be able to tell!

If your tacky room is getting you down, stop worrying. Get yourself a cheap rug to cover the ghastly carpet, buy a few cushions in a keynote colour and prepare to feel great about where you live. It will soon begin to feel more like home.