Hearth and Home

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From the welcome rug in your porch, to the hearth rug in front of an open fire, small rugs are a ubiquitous feature of practically every living space, but which one to choose can be bewildering with such a wide range available, with such a range of materials, designs and colour schemes to choose from. Whether you opt for popular choice of a rug made from wool or man made fibre, below are some suggestions as to which small rug works best in your home.

Reception area

When you are entertaining guests, particularly for the first time, first impressions are all important. Choose a durable material, raffia or a hand knotted rug are good choices, and are available in varied colour schemes and designs, including the classic ?WELCOME? design, to allow you to make a statement before even entering the home.

Living Room

The living room may not seem the obvious place for a small rug, but in front of fires, open or electric the use of a small rug is good for protecting the floor from debris from an open fire, and also focussing the room on the centre of warmth. A sheepskin rug is luxurious and appealing both from a visual perspective and from softness and comfort to the touch. Woollen or hand-knotted rugs are also popular choices, particularly with a deeper pile, as they have the same aesthetic appeal as a sheepskin rug, but are more economically and ecologically appealing to some consumers.


A bath rug should be both comfortable and functional. Stepping out of the shower or bath, a warm woollen rug is more appealing than a cold tiled floor. Make sure that you consider having your carpet treated with non-slip spray, a service that Rug Zone offers across its range. There are woollen rugs in a whole range of pastel and plain colours to fit with the neutral shades of a contemporary bathroom, or why not add a splash of colour or a crazy design with a more vibrant small rug.


When you open your eyes, and hear the rain outside, there is nothing more comforting than sinking your toes into a deep warm wool rug to set you up for the cold outside. Place small rugs either side of your bed to give your feet a treat at the beginning and end of your day. Warm colours help create a sense of comfort, and the range of deep burgundies, or dark green are a perfect choice.