Rugs can suit any floor size

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When thinking about covering or protecting a large floor space, many would think of carpeting. But this is not always the ideal situation, particularly if a home has nice features such as exposed wooden or stone flooring. It is both economical and desirable to make use of large wool rugs to cover large areas, such as the dining area.

The largest rug in the world covers the floor of the Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Zaby. The football pitch sized carpet measures over 60,000 feet and took 1200 weavers 18 months to create.

No matter how big your living space, a rug could be the perfect choice for a durable and attractive floor covering. Marble and parquet flooring is beautiful, but can be prone to marks and scuffs. A large rug in your dining room, living room or reception area could be the perfect way to protect your floor, whilst not having to completely cover it with carpeting.

A really big woollen rug is not just suitable for protecting less durable flooring. The sight of an attractive colourful or patterned rug can make the centrepiece of a room, and really tie together colour and design schemes. With a huge range of designs from contemporary to oriental to Persian, there are colour and pattern schemes to fit with both contemporary and traditional décor.

Many rugs are available made to order, but there are already many ready-made on the market to fit most living areas. Most companies include the different dimensions which rugs are available in, these typically go up to around 10 square feet, which would be sufficient to cover the largest areas in most modern homes. A large rug does not necessarily mean an expensive rug. It is important to make sure that the rug you require is readily available and can suit your budget, as exceptionally large rugs may need to be made to order, which increases expense. Fortunately, many online rug stockists include larger rugs in their sales, and many come with free delivery. Also the wide range of sizes means that there are cheap rugs for your living room that will not break the bank.

Rug Zone has a wide range of large and extra-large rugs in stock at any time. These rugs are available across their range including plain, geometric, contemporary and traditional designs. With free and fast delivery, and excellent customer service, Rug Zone can cater for all tastes.