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Rugs can suit any floor size

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When thinking about covering or protecting a large floor space, many would think of carpeting. But this is not always the ideal situation, particularly if a home has nice features such as exposed wooden or stone flooring. It is both economical and desir… more »

Hearth and Home

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The living room may not seem the obvious place for a small rug, but in front of fires, open or electric the use of a small rug is good for protecting the floor from debris from an open fire, and also focussing the room on the centre of warmth. more »

Make the Neighbours Green with Envy with a Big Rug

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These rugs look great in any home and you can choose one with light, pastel shades for a fresh feel or deeper hues for a cosier ambience. Palm leaf rugs with leaf-green foliage on a cream background add an exotic feel to your living space or conservatory, whilst pretty florals and leaves are perfect if you?re looking for a more feminine touch. more »

Shaggy Rugs add Comfort to your Home

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Larger rugs are a little more expensive but they will last longer and can be the centrepiece in your room. You may also want to decide what material you would prefer before you go shopping. more »

Taking the Edge off a Tacky Room with a Budget Priced Rug

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Going into rented accommodation is sometimes unavoidable and short term rentals are rarely brilliantly decorated. They are designed to be cheap and cheerful and hard wearing, but sometimes this just ends up as plain old tacky. It can be really depressin… more »

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