Make the Neighbours Green with Envy with a Big Rug

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Keeping up with the Joneses has never been easy, but today, with so many new gadgets on the market, it's easy to feel like you're falling behind the times. How do you stay one step ahead and make all the neighbours green with envy Spend some time injecting some of your own personal style into your home décor and your house will soon be the envy of the whole neighbourhood just start with a few simple home accessories.

Bring the outside in

It's easy to bring the beauty of nature to your home with lovely large leaf design rugs. These rugs look great in any home and you can choose one with light, pastel shades for a fresh feel or deeper hues for a cosier ambience. Palm leaf rugs with leaf-green foliage on a cream background add an exotic feel to your living space or conservatory, whilst pretty florals and leaves are perfect if you're looking for a more feminine touch. You don't have to stick to traditional colours you could choose a contemporary leaf design rug in red, black and cream if you're trying to keep your colour scheme neutral.

Shaggy simplicity

Shaggy rugs are simple yet stylish, and super-soft underfoot. A lime green shaggy rug in polypropylene gives you the best of both worlds snuggly pile to sink your feet into and a durable, stain resistant finish that means you can live your life to the full, without worrying about damaging your new rug! Other styles that look delightful in zesty lime green are funky paving designs and bold stripes choose a rug that includes cream and chocolate brown in the mix for a contemporary look that is perfect for spring and summer.

Soft neutrals

You don't have to be out-there when it comes to choosing a green rug; why not opt for a muted sage green for a natural look Basketweave design runners in cream and sage green are the perfect choice for a hallway or conservatory they have a slim profile and tough polypropylene pile, making them also ideal for kitchen or bathroom use.

It's a jungle out there

For a really modern look, choose a multi-tonal green rug in deep hues to create a vibrant yet natural look. Deep sage green, emerald and olive green give an urban vibe to your home, whether you live in a bustling city centre or a country cottage. Green is not only stunning and sure to make the neighbours envious, it's also calming and restorative, making it a great choice for bedrooms. Your new green rug will soon be the focal point of your room!