Choosing an extra-large rug to fit your home

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Although many people may think of a rug as an additional piece of home decoration which does not have a great effect on the room it is in; the truth is that by carefully selecting the right rug you can bring an added dimension to your home. The floor has often been referred to as the fifth wall of a room, and by using an extra-large rug you can create a number of effects.

an extra-large rug will be best suited to a large room with plenty of floor space on offer. With so many different styles and colours to choose from, you should be able to find a rug which adds extra comfort and warmth to your living room; often one of the largest rooms in the house. Many American households refer to this as an ?area rug?, designed to be a real part of the overall decor of the room. The extra-large rugs at usually measure 200 x 290cm (6ft 6in x 9ft 6in) and this is normally big enough to have a big impact on the lounge. If you have an exceptionally large living room, perhaps an XXL rug would be more suitable at 240cm x 330cm (8ft x 11ft) - the choice is yours.

Other rooms in the house can also benefit greatly from using an extra-large rug. A master bedroom can be set off nicely by using a style of rug which will set the atmosphere you are looking for; from seductive and inviting to chic and sophisticated. There really is a stunning range of different large rugs to choose from nowadays including very modern and artistic designs which can bring a touch of the contemporary to your home.

Whatever effect you are looking to achieve, there is certainly an extra-large rug to suit your purposes.