Rugs can suit any floor size

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When thinking about covering or protecting a large floor space, many would think of carpeting. But this is not always the ideal situation, particularly if a home has nice features such as exposed wooden or stone flooring. It is both economical and desirable to make use of large wool rugs to cover large areas, such as the dining area.

The largest rug in the world covers the floor of the Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Zaby. The football pitch sized carpet measures over 60,000 feet and took 1200 weavers 18 months to create.

No matter how big your living space, a rug could be the perfect choice for a durable and attractive floor covering. Marble and parquet flooring is beautiful, but can be prone to marks and scuffs. A large rug in your dining room, living room or reception area could be the perfect way to protect your floor, whilst not having to completely cover it with carpeting.

A really big woollen rug is not just suitable for protecting less durable flooring. The sight of an attractive colourful or patterned rug can make the centrepiece of a room, and really tie together colour and design schemes. With a huge range of designs from contemporary to oriental to Persian, there are colour and pattern schemes to fit with both contemporary and traditional décor.

Many rugs are available made to order, but there are already many ready-made on the market to fit most living areas. Most companies include the different dimensions which rugs are available in, these typically go up to around 10 square feet, which would be sufficient to cover the largest areas in most modern homes. A large rug does not necessarily mean an expensive rug. It is important to make sure that the rug you require is readily available and can suit your budget, as exceptionally large rugs may need to be made to order, which increases expense. Fortunately, many online rug stockists include larger rugs in their sales, and many come with free delivery. Also the wide range of sizes means that there are cheap rugs for your living room that will not break the bank.

Rug Zone has a wide range of large and extra-large rugs in stock at any time. These rugs are available across their range including plain, geometric, contemporary and traditional designs. With free and fast delivery, and excellent customer service, Rug Zone can cater for all tastes.

Hearth and Home

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From the welcome rug in your porch, to the hearth rug in front of an open fire, small rugs are a ubiquitous feature of practically every living space, but which one to choose can be bewildering with such a wide range available, with such a range of materials, designs and colour schemes to choose from. Whether you opt for popular choice of a rug made from wool or man made fibre, below are some suggestions as to which small rug works best in your home.

Reception area

When you are entertaining guests, particularly for the first time, first impressions are all important. Choose a durable material, raffia or a hand knotted rug are good choices, and are available in varied colour schemes and designs, including the classic ?WELCOME? design, to allow you to make a statement before even entering the home.

Living Room

The living room may not seem the obvious place for a small rug, but in front of fires, open or electric the use of a small rug is good for protecting the floor from debris from an open fire, and also focussing the room on the centre of warmth. A sheepskin rug is luxurious and appealing both from a visual perspective and from softness and comfort to the touch. Woollen or hand-knotted rugs are also popular choices, particularly with a deeper pile, as they have the same aesthetic appeal as a sheepskin rug, but are more economically and ecologically appealing to some consumers.


A bath rug should be both comfortable and functional. Stepping out of the shower or bath, a warm woollen rug is more appealing than a cold tiled floor. Make sure that you consider having your carpet treated with non-slip spray, a service that Rug Zone offers across its range. There are woollen rugs in a whole range of pastel and plain colours to fit with the neutral shades of a contemporary bathroom, or why not add a splash of colour or a crazy design with a more vibrant small rug.


When you open your eyes, and hear the rain outside, there is nothing more comforting than sinking your toes into a deep warm wool rug to set you up for the cold outside. Place small rugs either side of your bed to give your feet a treat at the beginning and end of your day. Warm colours help create a sense of comfort, and the range of deep burgundies, or dark green are a perfect choice.

Make the Neighbours Green with Envy with a Big Rug

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Keeping up with the Joneses has never been easy, but today, with so many new gadgets on the market, it's easy to feel like you're falling behind the times. How do you stay one step ahead and make all the neighbours green with envy Spend some time injecting some of your own personal style into your home décor and your house will soon be the envy of the whole neighbourhood just start with a few simple home accessories.

Bring the outside in

It's easy to bring the beauty of nature to your home with lovely large leaf design rugs. These rugs look great in any home and you can choose one with light, pastel shades for a fresh feel or deeper hues for a cosier ambience. Palm leaf rugs with leaf-green foliage on a cream background add an exotic feel to your living space or conservatory, whilst pretty florals and leaves are perfect if you're looking for a more feminine touch. You don't have to stick to traditional colours you could choose a contemporary leaf design rug in red, black and cream if you're trying to keep your colour scheme neutral.

Shaggy simplicity

Shaggy rugs are simple yet stylish, and super-soft underfoot. A lime green shaggy rug in polypropylene gives you the best of both worlds snuggly pile to sink your feet into and a durable, stain resistant finish that means you can live your life to the full, without worrying about damaging your new rug! Other styles that look delightful in zesty lime green are funky paving designs and bold stripes choose a rug that includes cream and chocolate brown in the mix for a contemporary look that is perfect for spring and summer.

Soft neutrals

You don't have to be out-there when it comes to choosing a green rug; why not opt for a muted sage green for a natural look Basketweave design runners in cream and sage green are the perfect choice for a hallway or conservatory they have a slim profile and tough polypropylene pile, making them also ideal for kitchen or bathroom use.

It's a jungle out there

For a really modern look, choose a multi-tonal green rug in deep hues to create a vibrant yet natural look. Deep sage green, emerald and olive green give an urban vibe to your home, whether you live in a bustling city centre or a country cottage. Green is not only stunning and sure to make the neighbours envious, it's also calming and restorative, making it a great choice for bedrooms. Your new green rug will soon be the focal point of your room!

Shaggy Rugs add Comfort to your Home

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There is nothing better at the end of a long day than snuggling up to the fire on a comfortable, shaggy rug. Shaggy rugs are extremely popular as they add a touch of class and comfort to any room in your home . They can instantly make a room feel warmer, which is especially important in homes with modern wooden flooring. These traditional rugs are extremely versatile and can fit in well with traditional or contemporary home designs.

The understated and simplistic style of shaggy rugs make them ideal for any room of the house. Place larger, round rugs in the centre of your living room or add a traditional rectangular rug to the end of your bed or at your fireplace. As shaggy rugs are available in various colours, you can really blend them with your decor if you choose complimentary shades. On the contrary, make them a centrepiece by choosing one in a contrasting colour.

The size of your shaggy rug depends on how much of the floor you want to cover up. In larger living rooms, you can go for larger rugs as they can act as a focal point and can blend in with the decor. In smaller rooms, you can go for a smaller rug to add a touch of warmth and comfort to the atmosphere. Alternatively, you can add a long, runner-style shaggy rug to your hallway to create the feeling of warmth for your visitors as they step inside your home. You can purchase a variety of shaggy rugs for sale so you can add a different size to each room.

The shape of your rug can turn a traditional home into a contemporary one instantly. Round rugs are rarely seen so you could consider adding one to the centre of your front room. Choose one in a bold colour to create a modern effect. Alternatively, you can stick to a traditional, homely look for your home by going for black rugs, brown rugs or cream colours. Complimentary, understated colours can last longer as they can be easily matched with changing decor.

Factor in your budget before making your purchase. Larger rugs are a little more expensive but they will last longer and can be the centrepiece in your room. You may also want to decide what material you would prefer before you go shopping. if you are on a tight budget. Remember that shaggy rugs need regular care in order to maintain their original, shaggy look.

Taking the Edge off a Tacky Room with a Budget Priced Rug

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Going into rented accommodation is sometimes unavoidable and short term rentals are rarely brilliantly decorated. They are designed to be cheap and cheerful and hard wearing, but sometimes this just ends up as plain old tacky. It can be really depressing to have to live in one of these places but of course you don't want to spend money doing it up and indeed in most cases you are not even allowed to enter budget priced rugs, the quick makeover artist's friend!

Have a look through the huge range of Rug Zone's rugs for sale and you will almost be spoiled for choice. If you are trying to improve the look of a tacky room where you may not be living for long you can really go one of two ways. You can buy a rug that is so bright and crazy that everyone who comes in sees the rug first and possibly notices the tacky later. Or you could go for one of our less cheap rugs which you absolutely love and will take with you when you move on. Either way, you won't have to spend a fortune. We have so many cheap rugs for sale, why stop at one? If you are living in a flat or house, you could have matching, toning or even clashing rugs all over and really make the place more homely.

Cheap rugs needn't look cheap these days and possibly the best way to make the room look rather more classy without spending too much is to go for a traditional design. The oriental rugs for sale in the range have designs which have not changed for hundreds of years. Many of them have stories which go with the pattern and this is a great way of giving a space a touch of class. Using some of the muted colours in the ranges also looks good because they don't look to brand new why not make up a story about your heirloom rug to amuse your friends? They would never be able to tell!

If your tacky room is getting you down, stop worrying. Get yourself a cheap rug to cover the ghastly carpet, buy a few cushions in a keynote colour and prepare to feel great about where you live. It will soon begin to feel more like home.

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